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Initiatives for the 2017 annual conference: In the WORLD SPACE on Friday afternoon projects and cultural lightning contributions can be presented. Everyone interested can apply to make a contribution (3-7 minutes) until the 15st July 2017 (title, country, summary). Interesting posters can be exhibited and published on the website of the MedSection. We very much look forward to ideas from the whole movement of Anthroposophic Medicine. Contact:

Prof. Dr David Martin has put the perspectives of Anthroposophic Medicine on fever in the context of current fever research. 

The journal P&T Community presents the cardiological approach of Prof. Dr Branko Furst and cites Rudolf Steiner’s theory of the heart, putting it in a scientific context which has hitherto been dominated by the pump paradigm.

A new questionnaire was successfully tested in the working group of PD Dr Matthias Kröz, Havelhöhe Research Institute, Berlin, as part of a multimodal intervention. First results can be seen in the abstract of the publication in the European Journal of Integrative Medicine, Vol. 8, Suppl. 1, 2016:

In the USA the PAAM website has been newly extended:

Since January more than 100 forest fires in the south of Chile have destroyed more than 390,000 hectares of forest and numerous houses. Eleven people have died, thousands are traumatised. The Hüllen für Chile movement (anthroposophic physicians, therapists and Waldorf teachers) is on an aid mission to help the people affected using emergency education (trained by Bernd Ruf) and Anthroposophic Medicine and to prevent the consequences of trauma. Carina Vaca Zeller

Nineteen years of Sanandi Farm – a biodynamic enterprise making medicinal products and preparations introduces itself: