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Research in Anthroposophic Medicine

Anthroposophic Medicine is an area of high research activity, assessing efficacy, effectiveness, safety, and costs of interventions, analysing active ingredients and physiological, biochemical, cellular or genetic effects of individual interventions, exploring basic concepts, anthropological dimensions, historical background, investigating patients' and health care providers perspectives or new innovative areas.

Research is done in many institutes worldwide and uses well established methodologies, following general guidelines, or developing methodologies. Research results are presented in the following examples:

System assessment, Reviews, Research Methods

- Systematic Assessments, Overviews
- Whole system of Anthroposophic Medicine
- Methodology and Case Reporting
- Basic Research on Herbal Remedies
- Health Service Research
- Safety and Pharmacoepidemiology
- Health Economy
- Personalized Integrative Health Care
- Development of Questionnaires 

Investigating Clinical Fields

- Dermatology
- Mistletoe Therapy of Cancer Disease
- Atopic Diseases, Prevention
- Cancer Care
- Cardiology and Chronobiology
- Acute Infections and Fever
- Antimicrobial Resistance
- Rheumatology
- Pulmology
- Pediatrics
- Pediatric Oncology and Heamtology
- Gastroenterology
- Neurology
- Psychiatry
- Obstetrics
- Chronic Pain
- Spirituality
- Patient Perspective
- Child Development
- Nursing Research
- Eurythmy Therapy
- Art Therapy
- Other Non-Pharmacological Interventions 

Basic Concepts and Anthropology, Medical History

- Medical Anthropology
- Medicine and evolution
- Concept of organism in Anthroposophic Medicine
- Basic concepts of Anthroposophic Medicine
- History of Anthroposophic Medicine 

Educational Research

- Medical Education